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Email Encryption is Everywhere – But Will People Actually Use It?

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Edward Snowden’s revelations around NSA email surveillance both shocked the world and sent the email privacy bandwagon into motion. With even Snowden conceding that email encryption provides protection, it seems like the whole world is buzzing about end-to-end encryption and

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Life Insurers and Privacy Protection: Why Proactively Protecting Applicant Confidentiality is so important

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The very thought of applying for life insurance is daunting for just about everyone.  It’s never pleasant to contemplate one’s own mortality – and, even more anxiety provoking, to secure insurance you have to submit to and pass a health

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Encrypted Electronic Transcript Transmission: The Time Has Come

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When was the last time you contacted your college for a copy of your transcript? If it was years and years ago, you probably expected to be required to either pick it up in person or receive it via postal

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