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Email Encryption is Everywhere – But Will People Actually Use It?

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Edward Snowden’s revelations around NSA email surveillance both shocked the world and sent the email privacy bandwagon into motion. With even Snowden conceding that email encryption provides protection, it seems like the whole world is buzzing about end-to-end encryption and

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Life Insurers and Privacy Protection: Why Proactively Protecting Applicant Confidentiality is so important

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The very thought of applying for life insurance is daunting for just about everyone.  It’s never pleasant to contemplate one’s own mortality – and, even more anxiety provoking, to secure insurance you have to submit to and pass a health

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Obamacare and HIPAA Compliance: Overcoming Enrollment Woes through Email Encryption

Obamacare and HIPAA

With the March 31st open enrollment deadline ominously imminent, Americans are scrambling in droves to select qualified health insurance plans to be compliant with newly imposed National Health Care Act requirements.  This mandate affects not only those who are uninsured

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Secure Email Document Transmission: The Top Three Stumbling Blocks

Secure Email Document Transmission: The Top Three Stumbling Blocks

Over the years we have all grown accustomed to email – we use it not only to communicate with friends and family but also to conduct business with service providers ranging from our bank, insurer, mortgage broker, and doctor because

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