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Hacked! Protecting Personally Identifiable Information When Your Email Is Under Attack

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Most people discover that their email account has been hacked well after the fact.  While it’s embarrassing to field calls, text messages and emails from well-intentioned friends expressing concern that you are stranded in Nigeria and in desperate need of

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Why It’s Important to Send Sensitive Information Via Email Safely and Securely

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Most people take reasonable and obvious precautions to secure their homes – they lock their doors and windows, screen outside vendors that visit their homes, and install security systems to keep the premises safe.  However, when it comes to cybersecurity

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Secure Email: Yahoo and Google Move to Protect Privacy for the Masses

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According to an article recently published in PC magazine, Yahoo and Google have teamed up to boost email encryption services for all users. This fall the two giants plan to release source code to the open source community to refine

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