Secure Email

  • 100 percent cloud-based, no software to install
  • Message can only be decrypted by sender or recipient
  • All that is required of recipient is an email account and a web browser

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Powerful document repository management and reporting

  • Document versioning
  • Time-based document expiration and deletion
  • Logging and non-repudiation of document access
  • Paper delivery available upon request
  • Accommodates any document size or format

Regulatory Compliance and Security

ArmoredEnvoy is designed for use in applications that require compliance with specific US federal and industry regulations, including:

  • Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards
  • SSAE 16 compliant data centers

What this means to your business

  • ArmoredEnvoy will help your business communicate securely and in compliance with privacy and security regulations, reducing the risk of fines.
  • ArmoredEnvoy is the green alternative to sending all those costly postal mailings. It not only provides savings but also flexibility as delivery is instantaneous.

How ArmoredEnvoy Works

  • ArmoredEnvoy is a secure platform that temporarily stores sensitive documents in a hardened, encrypted repository.
  • Using the ArmoredEnvoy API, you load documents into the secure repository and sets access controls.
  • Recipients are notified by email when documents are available for them, and can their documents up using a standard web browser over a secure connection.
  • Individuals can send documents through ArmoredEnvoy using their web browser (or email client if we create the gateway).
  • Businesses can use ArmoredEnvoy as their document transmission service.