Secure Electronic Document Delivery: Keeping It Simple for Customers

With companies across industries routinely sending customers sensitive correspondence including receipts, statements, applications and personal records containing private information via email, millions of unsuspecting people are placed at risk every day. Customers – while eager to take advantage of the convenience of electronic document delivery – are too often unaware of the risks.

Because electronic document delivery has taken hold as a common practice across industries, companies are under pressure to offer this convenience to customers to remain competitive.  As a result, companies are routinely sending sensitive correspondence – including receipts, statements, applications, and other documents containing private information via email.  And, if there aren’t measures in place to ensure secure document delivery, millions of unsuspecting customers are placed at risk every day.

The key to successfully implementing a secure document delivery solution hinges on two key elements: 1) ensuring that confidential information is kept private, and 2) making it easy and painless for recipients to access correspondence.

Armored Envoy empowers businesses to safely and securely send sensitive or private information to their customers without putting personal data at risk.  Customers can quickly and easily access their correspondence without downloading software of following a cumbersome set of steps. Companies can also update the content after the email has been sent – all they have to do is revise and save the document.

The solution knows which recipients have opened the transmission – so, for customers who have not yet viewed the message, revisions made to the content cycle through seamlessly.  For customers who have opened the file, the solution can automatically push out notifications that a change has been made. Armored Envoy can offer this capability because the solution separates message content from message information for enhanced security, so – even after the message itself has been sent – the content can be modified without disrupting the flow of information to the customer.

Customers expect all things around secure document delivery to happen magically behind the scenes – they aren’t thinking about what it takes on the back end to deliver this capability. This applies to both the security of their data and the interface around retrieving correspondence.  To successfully provide the value associated with the convenience of electronic transmission of sensitive data, it must be simple and painless for customers all around.

There can be no concern around the security of private and sensitive information because there is an implied trust between a customer and a company that data security measures are intact.  Even if customers are required to accept terms and conditions and liability disclaimers to use the service, it’s simply assumed from a customer’s point of view that appropriate protection is in place – and rightfully so.

Accessing the document must be simple and painless – because if it’s challenging customers will get frustrated.  And if they get frustrated, one of two things is going to happen:  1) they won’t bother, or 2) they will contact customer service for assistance.  In either case, the value of the convenience of secure electronic document delivery is lost.

It’s all about protecting the customer and offering them the best possible experience with your organization, and secure electronic document transmission delivers this value.

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