Secure Document Delivery

ArmoredEnvoy is a service of Armatu, Inc.  Our offices are located in Marin County on the northern end of the Silicon Valley area.

Our History

In 2011, email service provider iPost® was asked by one of their Fortune 500 customers to develop a secure, online delivery solution for HIPAA-regulated communications. To meet the customer’s stringent security and compliance requirements, iPost developed a completely new technology. Realizing the unique needs of this market and the lack of simple, cost effective technology solutions, Armatu was born in 2013. Today, Armatu and its flagship product, ArmoredEnvoy, are committed to delivering simple to use, secure communication tools.

About ArmoredEnvoy

The problem ArmoredEnvoy™ (AE™) solves:  securely delivers sensitive or private information from businesses to consumers over the Internet.
AE is an easy to use cloud-based service, with a range of security and deployment options. ArmoredEnvoy is a service of Armatu, Inc.™