Nonpublic Information

Human Resources (HR) professionals handle Personal Identifiable Information (“PII”) every day.  Nonpublic information, which includes specific items such as social security number or name, is protected by data privacy laws.  Other information, when grouped together, such as birth date, zip code, or gender are also protected. This protection is not only afforded to a company’s current employees, but also to job applicants, consultants, contractors, former employees and others.

Whether you are automating your onboarding process, looking for a secure way to disseminate information such as benefits statements, ArmoredEnvoy can help you share documents safely, securely and cost effectively.  ArmoredEnvoy is the solution for sending confidential files of any size to any number of recipients. It is simple to use and requires no special setup for transmitting or receiving files.  ArmoredEnvoy allows the sender to track delivery as well as to expire documents after a set amount of time.