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Systemizing Data Security: Keep Your Eye on Secure Document Delivery

Systemizing Data Security: Keep Your Eye on Secure Document Delivery - 2pinz

Over the past several decades, organizations across industries have spent countless dollars on information security awareness training, the rationale being that investment in people – their biggest asset – will translate into stronger security protocols and better compliance among staffers.

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Why It’s Important to Send Sensitive Information Via Email Safely and Securely

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Most people take reasonable and obvious precautions to secure their homes – they lock their doors and windows, screen outside vendors that visit their homes, and install security systems to keep the premises safe.  However, when it comes to cybersecurity

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Document Protection During Email Transmission: Why It’s a Critical Capability

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In a recent interview, Gartner vice president and distinguished analyst Paul Proctor predicted that “the new digital risk concept will become the default approach for technology risk management,” and cited an organization’s ability to keep its data safe – particularly

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Just How Risky is Electronic Document Delivery for Financial Services Providers?

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Anyone would be hard-pressed to name an industry that’s subject to more regulatory requirements and data security protocols than financial services.  Because the stakes around security breach are so high, financial services providers are rightfully risk adverse. So, when it

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Security Financial Services: Document Delivery for Brokers and Banks

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Security financial services – protecting your customer’s private information and providing outstanding customer service across multiple channels is a significant challenge for organizations operating in the financial sector. And for institutions forced to integrate legacy systems and contend with data

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Social Security Numbers in Email: How Organizations Across Industries Can Protect Their Customers

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Across industries, organizations are routinely communicating with customers electronically – it’s quick, cost-effective and convenient for all parties involved. And when customers are eager to complete a transaction involving personal documentation containing sensitive information, it seemingly makes sense to transfer

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