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Hacked! Protecting Personally Identifiable Information When Your Email Is Under Attack

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Most people discover that their email account has been hacked well after the fact.  While it’s embarrassing to field calls, text messages and emails from well-intentioned friends expressing concern that you are stranded in Nigeria and in desperate need of

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Why It’s Important to Send Sensitive Information Via Email Safely and Securely

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Most people take reasonable and obvious precautions to secure their homes – they lock their doors and windows, screen outside vendors that visit their homes, and install security systems to keep the premises safe.  However, when it comes to cybersecurity

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Protecting Personally Identifiable Information: Employers are Ethically – and Legally – Obligated

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Throughout the course of an employment relationship, businesses acquire, generate, maintain and store a significant amount of personally identifiable information (PII) on individual applicants and employees. Data collection commences during the application process when a job seeker is typically asked

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