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Secure Email: Yahoo and Google Move to Protect Privacy for the Masses

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According to an article recently published in PC magazine, Yahoo and Google have teamed up to boost email encryption services for all users. This fall the two giants plan to release source code to the open source community to refine

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Document Protection During Email Transmission: Why It’s a Critical Capability

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In a recent interview, Gartner vice president and distinguished analyst Paul Proctor predicted that “the new digital risk concept will become the default approach for technology risk management,” and cited an organization’s ability to keep its data safe – particularly

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HIPAA Security Dollars and Sense: Just How Much Does a Breach Cost?

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Health care providers are subject to stringent regulatory requirements around patient privacy, and HIPAA security protocols are designed to protect both patients and providers.  “Breach” is a scary word, typically conjuring up visions of malicious individuals hacking into systems and

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Protecting Personally Identifiable Information: Employers are Ethically – and Legally – Obligated

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Throughout the course of an employment relationship, businesses acquire, generate, maintain and store a significant amount of personally identifiable information (PII) on individual applicants and employees. Data collection commences during the application process when a job seeker is typically asked

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