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Personal Protection: Why It’s Critically Important to Encrypt ALL Legal Documents

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There are a plethora of types of legal documents that organizations across industries routinely send to customers via email without thinking twice about the security of the transmission.  While there are clear statutes in place around protecting personal privacy within

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Security Financial Services: Document Delivery for Brokers and Banks

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Security financial services – protecting your customer’s private information and providing outstanding customer service across multiple channels is a significant challenge for organizations operating in the financial sector. And for institutions forced to integrate legacy systems and contend with data

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Most Common Data Breach: Delivering Personally Identifiable Information to the Wrong Recipient

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The most prevalent form of email data breach is delivering personally identifiable information to the wrong recipient. In a study released by Verizon in April 2014, the findings revealed that government organizations deliver sensitive information to the wrong recipient at

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Armored Envoy Supports #ResetTheNet

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We applaud the ResetTheNet event for helping to bring security back to the Internet.  Watch their video:

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