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Social Security Numbers in Email: How Organizations Across Industries Can Protect Their Customers

Secured Document Delivery I Social Security Numbers I Armored Envoy

Across industries, organizations are routinely communicating with customers electronically – it’s quick, cost-effective and convenient for all parties involved. And when customers are eager to complete a transaction involving personal documentation containing sensitive information, it seemingly makes sense to transfer

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Preventing Legal Exposure through Secure Document Delivery

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In the legal industry, attorneys are ethically bound to implement “reasonable measures to protect a client’s confidential information.” While what’s “reasonable” is subject to interpretation, what’s most important is that attorneys protect sensitive client information and legal documents with utmost

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Electronic Healthcare Records: Protecting Patient Privacy through Secure Digital File Transfer

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Electronic healthcare records have revolutionized the healthcare industry with respect to how care is delivered and compensated. The benefits of electronic healthcare records abound – care providers can improve the quality and convenience of patient care along with diagnostic accuracy

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